A return visit to Kobe

A return to Kobe, a new cabin and the third sector of our cruise begins – to Kochi, Busan, and Nagasaki. Only 1400 Japanese passengers this time.

Like seasoned travellers this time, we found our way into and around Kobe without any bother, and walked on to the ship easily.

Views in Hageshi-Yuenchi Park
Views in Hageshi-Yuenchi Park

We walked to City Hall for a foggy view from the 24th Floor, then through Hageshi-Yuenchi Park towards the Flame of Hope commemorating the Great Hanshin Earthquake.

Flame of Hope commemorating the Great Hanshin Earthquake
Japanese Pearl Hall

Then on to the Tokyo Pearl Museum where we met the Executive Director of the Japan Pearl Exporters’ Association. He told us about fake Kobe Beef (there are only three legitimate outlets), the world rankings of baguettes, the Japanese 5 cent coin which commemorates the contribution of the pearl industry in particular, food in Kobe being the most westernised, where pearls are found, where Kobe beef cattle are and so on …

We returned to the Sannomiya Centre Gai Shopping Street, and headed towards the Ikuta Road Shopping Street for a rest break and the train back to the Diamond.

Ikuta Road Shopping Street

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