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Bridges, Boats and Planes

At Sea – Saturday 27 July

The Great Belt Bridge is the suspension bridge or East bridge which – together with the Öresund or Øresund Bridge is part of the bridge/tunnel system connecting Sweden with Denmark.  We have previously talked about the Öresund or Øresund Bridge (see this post) but we DID NOT sail under it on 19 July after our call in Aarhus.  Emerald Princess cannot travel under or around the Øresund Bridge (which is on the eastern side of Denmark and which we could see from our hotel room in Copenhagen) due to the lack of depth in the water for the ship’s draught.

The road through the tunnel for the bridge starts at Copenhagen airport.  The bridge has been instrumental in many Danes purchasing lower priced properties in Sweden and even living there.  At the airport we spoke with a Swedish lady who commutes from Malmo four days a week.

Emerald Princess needs to sail around the island (Zealand) under the Great Belt Bridge in order to get to Copenhagen.  We passed under the Great Belt Bridge between 2030 and 2100 tonight.

The Great Belt Bridge – see the panorama at http://tinyurl.com/k5tf7l7

Aulia – Bombe Alaska

Joy with Mariana

Copenhagen, Denmark – Sunday 28 July

airport-security1Except for security, our transfer from the ship to Copenhagen Airport and onward flights to Heathrow, Singapore and Sydney all went smoothly.  Having had the camera bag re-arranged and re-packed in Heathrow en-route to Copenhagen, Les had been careful to pack the bag so that various items could be easily extracted in need.  The system failed at the first hurdle as Les was unable to do the re-arranging.  Thereafter, the bag was disassembled prior to screening and re-assembled after screening – causing some congestion.  That system worked successfully at the next two security checkpoints!

At Home – Tuesday 30 July

We landed at 0500 and were home by 0615.

Looking back on our great trip (it was only six weeks):

  • Both cruises were really great
  • With the exception of St Petersburg, we visited many cities and places where we had never been before
  • We would certainly cruise again to North Cape or the Norwegian fjords
  • We would happily re-visit:
    • Geiranger (for the beauty of its fjord and mountain),
    • Bergen,
    • Denmark (to visit wider afield in places like Aarhus and to drive over that bridge!)
    • Stockholm (we only touched on it)
    • Berlin (we only touched on it)
    • Iceland (the small ship fear may dictate otherwise)
    • Crown Princess is still a favourite, but must try Ruby Princess
    • We will look out for a British Isles cruise with an Atlantic passage for the first Canada/New England cruise.
    • It is far cooler in Sydney than any place we visited!

A memorable holiday – hope you shared some of our adventure.