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A scenic surprise

St. Petersburg, Russia – Wednesday 24 July – a PS

On our arrival we passed through what we now know as the historic Kronstadt Naval Base, and the flood mitigation gates that prevent flooding in St Petersburg.  There is also a road – part of the ring road around St Petersburg – linking both sides of the mainland through the flood mitigation area and the harbour entrance; it dives under the entrance via a tunnel.  On arrival we saw the highway and one of the flood mitigation gates on the port side without knowing what they were; we did not see the naval base which was starboard!

So about an hour or so after leaving St Petersburg, we had it all explained to us by the Port Lecturer (who incidentally was previously the senior Cruise Director for Princess).  He explained the history of the naval base and the road/flood mitigation system as well as the fact that a lot of the sea ices over in winter.

Kronstadt Naval Base

Kronstadt Naval Base

Flood Mitigation Gates

Flood Mitigation Gates